Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back in the groove

It is almost Christmas break at school which means some time off for me. My sweet husband couldn't
think of anything I might like for Christmas so I suggested some wide quilt backing. He had me pick it
out and he ordered it. It is sitting in a box in the living room waiting for Christmas morning. I am so excited
about it, 18 1/2 yards! Wowee.

I took the quilt tops which were stacked in a corner of my cutting table and draped them over my frame to
help reduce some wrinkles in preparation. OH, I forgot to mention that my oldest son is moved out and into
his own home so I moved the frame into his room. I also have a table to cut, as well as my serger. I did finally
figure out how to thread it. It wasn't so bad after all. My son still needs to get some things out of there so I can
really get it organized better. I do have a design wall too. :)

I've been playing around making pot holders. A very quick item to make. It seems they get stained so quickly
that this way I can make them and toss them when they get too bad.