Friday, February 26, 2010

And what did I learn?

With the 1st baby quilt done the 2nd one was on the frame just waiting for me.
I changed thread and filled 2 bobbins. Off I went. Well actually I practiced a little just before
I changed the thread and all was good. 
I zipped across the quilt doing the first pass. When I rolled it I noticed some eye lashes on the
back but just ventured on. One more pass and when rolled once again I noticed a few eyelashes.
THEN I decided I was being a big dummy and I needed to stop and seriously check it out. 
And what did I learn? I will look before taking off again. It took me more than 5 hours to rip
out all of that quilting. I will not do that again. 
I'm guessing my new Bailey isn't as happy with ThreadArt thread as the 13" one was. 
Tomorrow I'll try it again, loosening the top tension and tightening the bobbin until it looks
the way it should. I also felt like the color was a little to dark anyway. 

I've read lots of forum members say they have ripped out lots before too and was thinking
all smug about it. Humility is a great thing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back again

I'm seriously trying to figure out how to machine quilt on the frame without
a stitch regulator. You know quilting a fan wreath or the like, something other
than free motion. I have watched a few videos and everyone has a stitch regulator. What the heck! Any of you know how to do this?? Do I just slow WAY
down?? It's really hard to see if you're going backwards so maybe that marking
thing isn't such a bad thing after all. I have thought that everyone just does it
free hand. I am wrong! 

I finished one of the baby quilts and the other is now ready for me to attack it.
I'd love to follow all the designs but feel like it will be a terrible failure and I'll 
be doing a lot of froggy sewing. Maybe my "I can't do it mood" today isn't the
best time to give it a try. I did email a lady in my forum who doesn't use a regulator and does amazing work. Hopefully she can help me. 
If she does I'll pass along any tips. 

I do have Friday off this week which gives me extra time to bind both of
the quilts. They shouldn't take too long.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilting room improvements

I got motivated and gently pushed my husband to help me get some improvements in my quilting room. 
I have a small sewing room, it's 10 x10. The quilting room holds the frame and is 10 x 14. My husband
actually mentioned that I am taking over the house. lol. With his help we put the 90" batting on a roller above the frame and then above that the 54" batting on another roll. Now I can just roll it off and not
have to wrestle with it while I figure out how much I need. I will be using it this weekend and I can't wait!

We also added 3 shelving units which hold 5 sewing machines. I really wanted them up off the floor as they were in the way. There is the Singer 221, Singer 99k, my serger, Euro-pro and a White machine.
My husband guarantees me that the shelves can hold the weight so I'll believe him. I also have a table 
with a cutting mat on it and a small pegboard to hold some equipment. I have one more to put up. 

The lady who bought my Bailey Home Quilter 13" will be coming in a couple weeks to pick up the machine. I know she will be very happy with it. She is from Canada and visiting her sister here in
Arizona. How cool is that? It will be cool to show her the ropes before she gets it home. I think everyone should get a lesson or two just to get a hang of things. It is not the easiest thing to master quickly.

I have two baby quilts to make by the end of March. I have the tops ready and that is what I'll be working on this weekend if my family allows me the time. :) Pictures will come when done. Nothing fancy.