Sunday, April 3, 2011

Too many pokers in the fire I guess

It seems like I'm trying to do too many things and I'm afraid not too many of them are being done successfully. :(

I haven't been doing much quilting at all. Seems like World of Warcraft is taking much of my free time. Ah well, it is a fun game and I'm enjoying myself. Today my husband and two sons are going out for pizza and then bowling. It's been awhile since we've been. I tried to make it bi-monthly for awhile but that too slipped away. It should be fun for sure. Funny thing is we'll all be making comments about sore muscles tomorrow. My youngest son and I have been trying to lose weight and have been successful there. He's lost about 27 lbs and I've lost about 20. Sure is good to get it off and hope to continue dropping some more.
I do have backing fabric and quilt tops made, just need to get something on the frame. Come on enthusiasm! Sure wish I had a local quilting buddy. I know that would get me going.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where did the two weeks go?

I can't believe that two weeks has gone by already. I think when you fill your days with things to do, cleaning, Christmas shopping, a little party, tree shopping, etc, the days fly by and you don't even feel like you had time off. Ah well, I'll quit whining now. :) I had a wonderful Christmas, got a new computer and I LOVE it. Also got a Snuggie, if you don't own one but think you might get one, DON'T. Sorry if you love yours but they are huge, the arms are probably 18" too long as is the bottom. I have a little flannel throw for my couch and I will continue to use it. 

Sadly, I did no quilting over the break. I did do some piecing on the pinwheels. Not sure how I'll arrange them. Seems like all pinwheels is just too busy. I'll get my family to help me figure out how to do it. They are great that way.

I'm a migraine sufferer and with my Inderal I usually do amazingly well but, since the day after Christmas I have had a migraine every day. Don't know why but I'm ready for it to stop. The weather has been really cold here. It's almost 10:30 am and about 36 degrees according to my thermometer. Yikes!
I do know I'm prone to migraines when it's windy so it must be the ions or something. I've also had a sore throat for 3 days. Am I falling apart?? Maybe I just need my regular schedule of work to get me back on track.

I do hope you all had a fantastic holiday and 2011 is the best year of your life!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas is closing in fast

This is my favorite time of the year. I think it is for most people. It does have it's fair share of stress but the enjoyment outweighs that. Today I'm doing a little last minute shopping with my sons and hopefully get back to piecing the baby quilt I'm working on. It isn't a Christmas gift so I have some time.

We did our annual family tradition of picking out our tree and going to a local pizza place called Momma's. The four of us have to agree on a tree and then we can go eat. We got a lovely one and luckily the price has come down on them. We always get a Douglas Fur. It is currently up in the living room but settling in before it is decorated. Not quite as full as we usually get but it is beautiful just the same.

I'm still awaiting my first sale for the Bailey Home Quilters. It is funny because several people have bought them after spending months on my forum but never mention anything to me before calling Chuck. Anyone have ideas on this?

I'm taking vacation for the next two weeks and I am thrilled! I'll spend the first couple days rearranging and cleaning for company and then I get to sew and quilt. yippee.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two blogs now

I now have another blog as well. The new one is just for the BHQ information.

Things here are going well. I pray that it is for you as well. During the holidays we all tend to think more of family and memories past. I can never think of Christmas and not think of my grandmother. Every year on Christmas eve the entire family would go to she and my grandfather's house for a party. It was always such fun. There was always more food than could be eaten and sharing that time with all the family was just a great time. There were quite a few grandchildren and alternating years we would either get slippers or gloves. It was a blast to see which of us could open the gift first so the rest of us would know which year it was. I can smile now just remembering that. My grandmother always had the "new" tree of the year. The all aluminum one with the spinning color wheel was used for a couple years. My favorite was the one that had aluminum "snow" that would get spritzed over the top of the tree and fall back down and be sucked up to the top again. I am thinking that one was pink.
Although she has passed I will always remember those parties and the enjoyment she got and gave to all. I hope I have created a few myself.

Completely on another subject I just have to vent here about my car. If any of you own a Nissan Sentra I discovered over the weekend that it has an "issue". Mine is a 2007 and I love it but with 65,000 miles on it now I have just put on the 3rd set of tires for the rear end. It seems the rear alignment is "out" but it is not adjustable and was made out of spec and still installed. From what I read online by the time you figure out something is not right with it you are out of warranty. Now Nissan could make this right with their customers and install the shims that they sell for re-aligning them but won't admit any fault at all. So I and all other Sentra owners get to find a good alignment shop and spend $100-$200 having it made right. I understand many cars are made with non-adjustable rear alignment now to cut costs so you might want to do a search on yours. Trucks and SUV's don't have this issue. I guess Honda does as well but they take care of their customers.
Sorry to vent but if it saves you the aggravation it's given me it's worth it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A new chapter

It seems my life will take a small change. I have had the Bailey quilting machine, yahoo forum for almost two years now and enjoyed every moment. Whenever I responded to things it was always JMHO and that will stay the same. I have recommended the machines to all that will listen and it has been the joy of knowing they are getting a great machine. Well now it seems my impact is greater than I've realized and I have now become the representative for the BHQ for the southern half of the U.S. I am so excited to be in an "official" capacity. 
Basically, it means I'll get something out of it rather than just the pleasure. How cool is that to be rewarded for doing something that you love to do??

As Thanksgiving grows closer I now have one more thing to be thankful for. Wish me luck in this endeavor.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving is almost here

One more week and Thanksgiving will be here. I just love cooking for that day. We're going
to my son's house this year and making the mess there. :) 
I truly hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Spend as much time with friends and loved ones as
you can (stand). Usually those little moments are what you remember most.
I should be sewing and quilting up a storm and need to kick it into gear. I have a baby quilt I must have done
by the end of January. I do have fabrics picked out and yesterday I watched a YouTube video making quick easy pinwheel blocks. Think it could be the winner.
Off to work now. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dang cold

I have a cold. Isn't it amazing how the thought of having a cold is passed off so quickly? Then when you actually have one it's a whole nuther matter. I don't know if my eyes or nose is running more. I guess it must be my nose because the area under it is red and sore and not under my eyes. 
Both of my sons got this thing and I watched it progress. As soon as I got the sore throat I knew it was my time.
Now I've had sore throats before but this one hurts in a place that no matter what you drink it isn't soothed. Plus most everything seems way too strong except water. After a day and half of that it thankfully went away. Then my sinus started to feel like they were filling but nothing was really there, odd. By the end of day 2 of that my head felt like it would explode. I took a Mucinex and it helped but then I couldn't sleep although I'm exhausted.
Did I mention that I've got Shingles too?? Second time for them. This has been one interesting time for sure. Ah well, it will all pass and I'll be back to my normal self again soon. In time for Thanksgiving.

I love doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving. Well not all of it, just the stuff related to the dinner itself. I gave up on making pies long ago. My family will eat a couple pieces but we usually throw away half of the pies. One apple, pumpkin and chocolate. I'd rather throw away store pies than homemade ones.

I wish I had the energy to sew or quilt. I hate being off work and not being able to do something productive.

Happy November all.