Saturday, August 21, 2010

Done and done

Both quilts were finally mailed off to Susan who has received them.
She is pleased with them and that is all that matters to me. 
The split rail which she had wanted to make and her Chemo quilt.
Here is a picture of the two of them on the clothesline drying. The split rail is the first of that pattern and I like it. I think I may play with trying some gradient shades and see how that comes out. 

We're having a barbecue, swim and card party in a couple hours and I need to get busy clearing things up.

I was hoping to start a quilt this weekend, and so far I've got 2 fabrics auditioning on the cutting table. Only have 6 more to pick. lol
I could reduce it down and do the split rail. Hmm, now there is an idea.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally back again

Finally back to chat. My life is 50% boring and 50% way too busy. Fitting both together can be a challenge some days. I do work a 40 hour job outside the house, have 2 quilting forums, this blog, 2 sons, a husband and oh yes, I love to piece and quilt. Can you see where housework might not fit into the mix?
I know the majority of women will work their 40 hours and spend the weekend cleaning their homes. Well I came to the decision that I'm not going to be the only one in the house spending her free time cleaning while they all get to have relaxing time. Just me and I'm sure some people are appalled. 
I seriously need to hire a house cleaner but my husband does not want a stranger in the house. Any of this sound familiar to anyone else or am I alone on this one? It's not so bad that I'd make the 6 o'clock news or anything, lol.

I HAVE to get the binding done on Susan's quilt today. Also, have to...go into town, get cat food, hit the sporting goods store for fishing pole guides, pick up a prescription, do 2 loads of laundry, vacuum the majority of the house, get the dishwasher emptied and then re-filled as well as eat and play. I really want to start piecing another quilt too. I have lots and lots of patterns that I've printed off and have hanging on my sewing room wall. I could pick any of them or, hmmm finish the quilt I started long ago. I wonder where all that fabric is now? 

As you can see I'm having trouble focusing on one thing at a time, but at least I did get to update this blog for you. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday doing what you enjoy the most. 
Oh, almost forgot to share this, my sons and I went to the casino yesterday and I won $150. woohoo.
I want to fly to Louisiana to visit Susan so that will help.