Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unwelcome comment posts

It seems that someone or more than one someone has decided to make comments
that have no bearing on the subject at hand. They are merely links to sites that 
I have no interest in. Luckily, I have the blog set so that all comments must be approved
before posted. I'm sorry if it prevents someone from commenting on quilting and the like.
We should get by just fine either way.

Today it was about 90 degrees and so we have heated up. It's suppose to stay this way for 
several days so the pool will start to heat up quickly. The humidity can be so dry that it causes
most people to have bloody noses even when you're not prone to them. This week seems to be 
bad for them. It's really strange you'll wake up in the night or early in the morning with one.
All you want to do is go back to sleep. 

I finally heard from a friend yesterday. I've been worried about her as I haven't heard from
her in several weeks. It turns out she is back to having Chemo and has it 5 days a week. 
I can't imagine trying to go to work and dealing with the effects of that. My heart and prayers
go out to her. I do hope that 2010 is the year she finds herself cancer free.

Still haven't gotten the binding on or started another quilt. Just seems like I can't find the time
right now. I will though, I will.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not heating up here

I was just telling you how we'll be heating up quickly and then yesterday we had
a record low for our high. We got all the way to 59 which is crazy cool for us. Today it
is cool again, very overcast. What the heck? For the rest of the country and maybe world
for all I know, it may be cool and overcast regularly for you but we have sunshine more than
300 days a year so it isn't the norm for us. This year we have gotten a lot of rain which is okay
because we had been in a drought for about 4 years. The drought is over and we are now above
in the water level. 

I seriously need to get that quilt top on the frame and get going. Took the day off to get it
completed. I wasn't feeling great, my allergies are really kicking in with all the rain.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The quilting continues

As April draws to a close the heat will intensify here in the desert.
It makes it difficult to do hand stitching on bindings, etc as it just becomes
unbearable to have it on your lap. For now, I will enjoy what I can do.

I finished one child's quilt on Sunday with the exception of the binding. I did
a flannel backing this time for the first time on something larger than a premie
quilt. It was trouble free, yeah! I also tried out two different bobbins that I'd filled with
my new bobbin winder. I did one plastic and one metal to see if there was any difference.
I think the metal did better so I'll stick with them. I'll have to load up a dozen in white and
go to it. The quilt took just one bobbin and I did loops, flowers, hearts and meandering.
I don't know why I can't make that next step and do something special. grrr it makes me so
mad that I stop myself.

I have the second kid quilt backing on the frame and will get the top and batting on tonight.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April already?

To realize that April is close to be half over already is just crazy.
I wish I could say I live life to the fullest and that's why it takes me
so long to get back here and post but my most people's standards I'd probably
be considered pretty boring. :) 
I did finish 3 small quilts that I was working on. All baby quilt size. One has already
been given away, the 2nd will get picked up today. The 3rd had an owner but it will
probably be going to a local PICU unit at a Tucson hospital. I went there to visit a friend's
little girl and found they have no quilts. The nurse said they get them only occasionally and
that seems so sad to me. I know Project Linus is a huge group that supplies quilts and I've 
always figured they had more quilts than they knew what to do with. Now that I've seen 1st
hand I feel bad that I haven't stepped up sooner. If you've considered doing it you might want
to check with one of your hospitals to see if they have enough or not. I have 2 ready to go to them
and have 2 more to be assembled and quilted. I'll do them side by side to speed up the process.

Spring is arriving slowly in the desert. It looks like it could rain today. This has been a wet winter
for sure. The farmers wheat and other grains are growing in anticipation of harvest and then
planting the cotton. I can't tell you just how beautiful it is to see a 1,000 acre field of wheat early
in the morning. The tips are lightly covered in dew and with the sun shining on it the entire field 
sparkles. I never knew just how beautiful plants can be. I also never realized just how many shades of 
green there is. Nature can be inspiring. 

I bought myself an electric bobbin winder and it arrived yesterday. I'm still trying to figure out how
to make it fill more evenly but it winds super fast and I love it. It was about $60.00 and that is great!