Friday, June 25, 2010

Another new/old machine

I found another antique Singer on Craigslist and luckily got it first. It needs some work but I'm up for it.
I really wish it could talk to share it's story with me. It was made in 1924 in Clydebank, Scotland. It is a model 15k.  It was a treadle/hand operated machine which someone converted to electric while still in Europe as it is 220 volt.
It really intrigues me, just how did it get from Europe to Tucson, Az. some 86 years later? It's mechanical parts are fantastic, almost new in appearance. Very well maintained that way. The body is a little rough, it's been bounced around some. There is no base for it so now I'll be on the look out for that. I hope to find one of the small square ones. I think they are a model 23. Here is a picture. As I said, a little rough but for 86 she looks pretty good to me. It was so much fun cleaning it up. Can't wait to find a base. I know nothing of treadles so this is going to be a big learning experience for me. Wish me luck.

I am working on another Chemo quilt. Not sure why I'm being lead in that direction but it's okay with me. I believe this is my 4th or 5th. If they bring some comfort to the user that is great. So far I have known all the recipients. This one is suppose to be terminal but I told her in all honesty we are all terminal. Right? Having a slight time line gives the opportunity to get things in order. Appreciate what you have and love everyone more.
I'm sending her pictures as it progresses and she is pleased with it. If I work especially hard I could finish it tomorrow. Guess that means I'll have to get the one on the frame finished...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday

That means no work for me outside of the house. I have no appointments scheduled so that means...I can quilt! Yippee! Sometimes it seems so difficult to get into the quilting room. I am so grateful to have that room as well as a sewing room. Still seems like I never have enough room but I do. The sewing room is 10 x 10 and the quilting room is 12 x 14. My stretch frame is 10' so there isn't a lot of room left but that is just fine with me. I'm glad it is out of the livingroom. :)

I'll start on my quilt as soon as I get up tomorrow. I am thinking I will practice doing some feathers and other patterns and hopefully I won't mess things up too badly. This one is about full size so it will take longer.
You'll get to see pictures when I'm done. Dang, I do still have some quilts that need binding don't I??? grrr
All things in good time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Got some plexi-glass

I see that a lot of long arm quilters use a piece of plexi-glass to try out their quilting pattern.
Got my husband to pick me up a piece at Home Depot. The cost was $13.44 for a piece 20x32
I really wanted more like 20x24 but this one was already cut and waiting for him so I said okay.
It is a tad big, not the width but from top to bottom makes it hang off the frame a few inches but that
is okay. I did practice with it long enough to use up my white board marker that looks like a pen. Since
it is an arm movement and not hand/wrist it seems like I should be able to use the thicker pens as well.

Since the quilt top I have ready to go has so many different sizes and positions of rectangles I'm thinking
doing all the different designs I saw on the LAU dvd will be way too much. I will be playing with the feathers
even if I only do 6 or 8 of them total. For me, I don't like looking at a quilt where the quilting itself is so
in your face that you really don't notice the quilt itself. You know what I mean? The last quilt show I went to
it was really obvious to me that the quilting designs were more important than the quilt piecing itself. I think the quilting should compliment not overwhelm all the fabulous piecing you've done.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Going for a whole new look

I probably never mentioned that I love the color pink did I ? The new design will be extra pleasant for me to look at. I hope you don't mind. :)

Got the quilt top all ready to go. I watched a dvd that I bought from Long Arm University it was a New Year's Day Mystery quilt. It is a lot of feathers and now I don't feel quite so scared of them. I also got a piece of plexi-glass to lay on top of the quilting area so that I can see what the design will look like. With all that I should be quilting right now shouldn't I ? Trouble is I have an ear infection and the pain is something else! I took a couple tylenol a few hours ago and they really did nothing. I did go to one of those Minute Clinic places so I also have anti-biotic drops. I did just take naproxin or something like that and I really hope the pain goes away fast. If I had a pain pill I'd have taken it already. Tomorrow will be a better day so I can handle a day's worth of pain.

I think I'll check into the other dvd's Long Arm U has who knows maybe I'll get another one.

It's windy as the dickens outside but that means our heat is dropping off a little. High 90's today but mid to high 80's tomorrow. woohoo!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Really getting slow

It's difficult to write when it seems like nothing is really going on to write about.
I did finally get some quilts done. I need to get the binding on them and take them
to the hospital. I have a lap size quilt in the Wickedly Easy pattern ready to go now.
If you've never made that pattern, it's a freebie from, it is really TOO easy.
You'll have a quilt whipped together in no time. I started with one, not knowing if I liked
the pattern or not, but needing a quick one for a baby. The next thing I knew I had 5 of
them done with little effort. Four of them baby size then I did the lap size in blues and yellows.
It, well they all came out really nicely. I suggested the pattern to some ladies in one of my forums and they too ended up making more than they planned. We all LOVE the pattern.
Give it a try if you're searching for something to do.
It's under Annie's free patterns. 

I see our message poster is still hanging around the site trying to post. You'd think they'd
figure out by now that the messages are being rejected. Thank goodness for that feature.

It is sizzling in the desert, wooeee. We've been 105-107 degrees every day for the last week.
It sucks the energy right out of you. Going to bed and waking up while it's in the high 80's makes
those normally enjoyable times just as bad as the day time. It really has just gotten started so I shouldn't complain. It's going to be a long summer. :) 

What have you been up to? Friday after my dentist appt. I will be hitting the frame again.
I really want to piece something but I have too many already done that need to be quilted.
When I get 3 or 4 of them done then I'll start something new.