Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why is it so hard to keep focus?

I know just what it is that I want to do but for some reason I just can't get
going or keep going on it. Instead I spend way too much time on the internet doing
nothing. What a time waster. It use to be television but now it's just being online.
I can't be alone in this.

My dad was released from the hospital and is home enjoying life with my mom.
I think he is suffering from vertigo and hopefully someone else will figure that out.

I did get started on clearing my cutting table. Now that I have a sewing room and a quilting
room I have 2 of them to keep organized. Right now the piles of organized stuff on both tables
are winning. I need some shelves in the quilting room and hope to get some shelf brackets and
some 4' sections of wood and take care of that this weekend. (yeah, remind me of that) It should
be if I start doing it my husband will come in and take over because I don't know the correct
way. That's what I'm hoping anyway. lol

Monday is my birthday. I don't even want to think about how old I'm going to be. Wow,
it's scary.  My sons, husband and I are going out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate. I get
to chose the place. I'm torn between Black Angus and Carrabba's. I like them both.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 2010 is nearing an end

It doesn't seem possible that January is nearing an end. I know it just began!
That ole cliche, where does time go? Time to get focused.

When I get home today I will clear off my cutting table. It has so much fabric lying on it
I couldn't start a new project if I wanted to, which I do. I do still have a partially made
Emerald Forest top and hopefully I can find the other section of it that I am pretty certain
is buried somewhere on that table. If not I still have a ways to go with that but it's pretty easy
on the construction side.

I'm embarrassed to admit I have a screw up on the frame. I had a wall hanging, just a section
of oriental fabric, that never got quilted. I changed backing after I had it all loaded on the frame
and then put a new backing fabric on, well I just didn't focus on what I was doing and now that
it's near the end I can see I'm about 3/4" too short with the backing. I can't believe it. What a 
needless mistake. big grrr here! I've decided to just finish off what I can and then I'll have to cut
off what doesn't fit. I'll certainly know about it every time I look at it. I'm thinking I will be much
more careful in the future.

On another note, my dad's in the hospital. I guess his heart isn't beating in a stable rhythm.
We'll see how it goes today. It could be he needs a pace maker.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Machine excitement with a twist

This last Monday I happened to scan thru Craigslist for sewing machines.
I try to do that monthly, just to see if there are any great machines at a good price.
This time I found an older Singer machine. Listed merely as a vintage machine for $50.
I called the number and it hadn't been sold so we made arrangements to meet. I didn't
have my reading glasses on and we were inside a garage so I really couldn't see just what
the machine was. It looked very similar to a Featherweight. I had him plug it in and run it
for me. The light switch had an issue and he said he had no thread to actually show me
that it could stitch but on faith I bought it. For $45.00 of course, have to save a buck or

Once I got it home I could easily see that it is a 99K, has a cute little case as well.
Now, I've wanted a 99K but when I put in a wanted ad no one had one. Now I do.
First thing I did was clean it well. Didn't really want to take things apart too far.
Parts of it had obviously been cleaned and it has a new belt. I get it all back together,
thread it and away I go. Clunk, clunk, clunk...jam. Oh great. Now I'm thinking this
guy knew all along it didn't work with thread. I decide now to clean a little deeper and
figure out where it's jammed and why. I find a thread or two but its still jammed. I flip her
over which is difficult because it's attached to the bottom of the case, and oil and grease
all the under areas. I keep playing with it and finally the jam is gone.
I try it again and clunk, clunk..but I stop before the jam. It came with a bobbin loaded with
some super heavy duty thread so I pull all of it off. I don't have another class 66 bobbin in the house to fill. I fill it and put on some white thread and try again. Clunk..I stop.
Now I notice the needle in the thing is HUGE so I replace it with a normal size thing and try
again. She sews beautifully!! I am so excited. Eventually I'll ask my husband to replace the
light fixture but until then I'll use a clamp on light. Here is a picture of it.

Yesterday I went to work and after waking up with a headache it only got worse. I was
feeling really lousy by 10am and came home. I am just now feeling better. Don't know what it was but no fun feeling that bad especially since my brand new Bailey Home Quilter 15" arrived later in the afternoon. I never even played with it. Can you imagine? I'm going to go in
and give her a whirl in a minute. Wish me luck.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I just now realized I never told you I had ordered another
quilting machine. Sorry about that. I have the Bailey Home Quilter 13"
and have been very happy with it but I suddenly decided it would
be great to have a 15". I'd love to have the 17" but that is out of my financial
comfort zone right now. Anyway, on the 31st of December I called and ordered
one. Chuck took out the money today which means the machine is being shipped
either today or Monday. I am SUPER excited. This is like being a little kid on
Christmas eve.
I've put my 13" on Craigslist and a couple quilting forums for sale. I have no
doubt it will sell. They are fantastic machines.

I got 2 quilts done

I work for a public school district so I was able to take off some time over the
Christmas break. I had almost 2 weeks which was great. First off I put a queen/king
top on the frame and used some of the backing fabric my husband had gotten me for
Christmas. This one is called Emerald Forest and done mostly in batiks. I was a little
worried about quilting it as everyone talks about the trouble you can have with batiks
but I had no problems at all. Luckily. :)

The 2nd quilt was done back in 2007 as a Mystery quilt. Once again just waiting on
wide backing and courage to get it quilted. This one was slightly smaller, more like
queen than king. The quilting went much faster. The Emerald forest seemed to take
forever to make a pass across the top. Of course both still need binding. That makes
3 waiting for that process. Hmmm, now am I just shifting them from one pile to another?
I don't see a rush to finish them as they have no new home to go to. I offered either of
them to my son for his new house but he keeps insisting that he's not a quilt person.
Ah well.

Today I'm going to get the laundry done quickly, clean the kitchen a little and then
put a smaller quilt on the frame. Nothing fancy, just 4" squares from years ago. I'm
wanting to practice different designs in the squares. I really need to kick up my skills.
I get so jealous when I see pictures of quilting ladies on my Bailey forum have done.
I keep thinking can they be that much better than me?? I know it's all about practice
so that is where I'll be today and probably tomorrow.

Ohhh! my husband just told me that the funds have been removed for the Bailey 15" we
ordered. That usually means it is being shipped! Chuck doesn't put the charge thru until
its ready to ship. I am so excited!! I just have to get the 13" sold now.

Talk with you soon.