Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two blogs now

I now have another blog as well. The new one is just for the BHQ information.

Things here are going well. I pray that it is for you as well. During the holidays we all tend to think more of family and memories past. I can never think of Christmas and not think of my grandmother. Every year on Christmas eve the entire family would go to she and my grandfather's house for a party. It was always such fun. There was always more food than could be eaten and sharing that time with all the family was just a great time. There were quite a few grandchildren and alternating years we would either get slippers or gloves. It was a blast to see which of us could open the gift first so the rest of us would know which year it was. I can smile now just remembering that. My grandmother always had the "new" tree of the year. The all aluminum one with the spinning color wheel was used for a couple years. My favorite was the one that had aluminum "snow" that would get spritzed over the top of the tree and fall back down and be sucked up to the top again. I am thinking that one was pink.
Although she has passed I will always remember those parties and the enjoyment she got and gave to all. I hope I have created a few myself.

Completely on another subject I just have to vent here about my car. If any of you own a Nissan Sentra I discovered over the weekend that it has an "issue". Mine is a 2007 and I love it but with 65,000 miles on it now I have just put on the 3rd set of tires for the rear end. It seems the rear alignment is "out" but it is not adjustable and was made out of spec and still installed. From what I read online by the time you figure out something is not right with it you are out of warranty. Now Nissan could make this right with their customers and install the shims that they sell for re-aligning them but won't admit any fault at all. So I and all other Sentra owners get to find a good alignment shop and spend $100-$200 having it made right. I understand many cars are made with non-adjustable rear alignment now to cut costs so you might want to do a search on yours. Trucks and SUV's don't have this issue. I guess Honda does as well but they take care of their customers.
Sorry to vent but if it saves you the aggravation it's given me it's worth it.

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