Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dang cold

I have a cold. Isn't it amazing how the thought of having a cold is passed off so quickly? Then when you actually have one it's a whole nuther matter. I don't know if my eyes or nose is running more. I guess it must be my nose because the area under it is red and sore and not under my eyes. 
Both of my sons got this thing and I watched it progress. As soon as I got the sore throat I knew it was my time.
Now I've had sore throats before but this one hurts in a place that no matter what you drink it isn't soothed. Plus most everything seems way too strong except water. After a day and half of that it thankfully went away. Then my sinus started to feel like they were filling but nothing was really there, odd. By the end of day 2 of that my head felt like it would explode. I took a Mucinex and it helped but then I couldn't sleep although I'm exhausted.
Did I mention that I've got Shingles too?? Second time for them. This has been one interesting time for sure. Ah well, it will all pass and I'll be back to my normal self again soon. In time for Thanksgiving.

I love doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving. Well not all of it, just the stuff related to the dinner itself. I gave up on making pies long ago. My family will eat a couple pieces but we usually throw away half of the pies. One apple, pumpkin and chocolate. I'd rather throw away store pies than homemade ones.

I wish I had the energy to sew or quilt. I hate being off work and not being able to do something productive.

Happy November all.

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